Gt-3: Next Generation Vital Signs


What is a Vital Sign Monitor?

The GT-3 is ushering in a new generation of Vital Sign Monitors. Vital signs are measurements of the body’s most basic functions. In fact, they are useful in detecting medical problems and monitoring patients. An individual can use many different mechanisms to measure with a Vital Sign Monitor. Vital Sign Monitors use small sensors that attach to the body to detect information on basic measurements. Some include heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. More advanced Vital Sign Monitors can even detect information on the amount of oxygen in a patient’s blood and have Wi-Fi capabilities.

What Makes it So Groundbreaking?

The GT-3 comes with three work modes for efficiency and accuracy.

The first, Round Mode, is a unique work mode that is for daily use within ward rounding. In this mode, the GT-3 will be equipped with a unique window-type patient list, color-coded so that patient statuses and information are clear at a glance. The GT-3’s Round Mode will save healthcare professionals from having to create mass written work while doing their rounds.

The second mode, Monitoring Mode, is for continuous, long-term patient monitoring. This is done by fully equipping it to monitor real-time data, set off real-time alarms, and create a historical trend of data.

The final mode, Spot Mode, is for spot-check applications. These include out-patient, emergency, clinic, examination, and more. This mode is so spectacular due to acquiring and displaying real-time vitals. 

The Design

The GT-3 has been set apart from its predecessors because of its groundbreaking software and appearance. It also contains many design features making it unique. The GT-3 has a unique cable-receiving design that allowing storage amongst all cables in the gap next to the handle. It also has a built-in barcode scanner and built-in wireless capability to transfer and record patient data. Additionally, the GT-3 has a strip-design unique alarm light on top of the GT-3 to provide a 360° visual alarm experience.

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