PCA 500: The future of resting ECG

Introducing the PCA 500

With the PCA 500, an ECG test has never been easier for medical professionals. This new ECG uses a single-use electrode patch that can set up, record, and send to a cardiologist within 3 minutes. Additionally, no medical experience is required to perform a 10-second hospital-grade ECG test. This revolutionary technology will change the game for a variety of medical facilities. Some facilities are long-term care facilities, mobile nurses, and large-scale cardiology practices. 

It's Practical

Utilizing a single electrode patch, the PCA 500 can simplify the lead placement. The entire procedure and takes less than 3 minutes from setup to send the exam to the doctor. The PCA 500 has an intuitive design with step-by-step instructions and video guides on how the user can set up their resting ECG test. In addition, the PCA 500 software will even let the user know when they’ve made an error setting up their ECG test. 


Not only is the PCA 500 affordable, but the patient can also administer the test themselves. In other words, with its accurate, consistent lead placement, staff costs will lower. After the patient performs the ECG test, the exam is automatically uploaded to a cloud database. Therefore, this database will store all of your data for free and with access from any device with an internet connection. You can also record more ECG tests per hour since it is so easy to set up! 

The Mobile Application

The mobile application for the PCA 500 is incredibly easy to use. The application goes beyond just being user-friendly, simply by making interpreting ECG recordings easy and efficient. The mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, will allow you to compare ECG recording sessions and quickly save or upload them to a cloud server for analysis. With an efficient user interface, the app will help increase the workflow of every practice and convert tests into multiple file formats to help keep EMR records better organized and up to date. 

Secure Cloud Storage

With the PCA 500’s central cloud storage, saving and printing tests are extremely easy. The user can save an ECG test from any location directly on the mobile app by pressing the save button. Once you save the EKG, it will appear in the secure cloud storage that can be easily accessed by your medical provider. 


The PCA 500 is the smallest EKG recorder available on the market. In addition, due to its size and portability, the PCA 500 is the most accessible EKG recorder in the world. The PCA 500 module is approximately 2.5 inches in width and length, weighing less than a pound, contributing to the overall efficiency of the machine. Added mobility often translates into saved time, money, and expedited medical services which is an impactful benefit for all patients. 


In the end, ECG procedures have not seen much change in the last 100 years. The cardiologist market was due to be disrupted and advance with current technology. In the next few years, this machine will take over the mobile ECG market, making it impossible for the cardiology industry not to move in this direction. The future has arrived and it is in a small convenient package, the PCA 500. 

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