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BCI 8401 Capnocheck II Capnograph


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BCI Capnocheck II Capnograph/Oximeter w/battery & charger

The Capnocheck II Hand-Held CO2/SpO2 Monitor provides measurements of End Tidal CO2, respiration rate, SpO2 and pulse rate with N2O compensation, for patients pediatric to adult. The monitor utilizes a LCD backlit display with on-screen trending and high and low alarm limits for all parameters. A protective rubber boot is also included, and the infrared serial interface allows downloading patient information to a printer. This highly portable hand-held monitor is ideal for EMS, Emergency Rooms, Recovery Rooms, and intra-hospital transport.


  • 8400: Capnograph/Oximeter
  • 8401: Capnograph Only


Includes: 8400 Monitor, 1894 Operation Manual, 3044 Oximetry Finger Sensor (model 8400), 8412 Protective Rubber Boot, 8214 Patient Attachment Kit includes the following: 8208 Capnocheck Filters (10), 8211 Capnocheck Sample Lines, 4 ft (10), 1100 Airway Adapter, straight without filter (10).

Capnograph Brand

Capnograph SpO2


  • Measures ETC02, Inspired C02, Respiration Rate, Sp02 and Heart Rate
  • Provides waveforms, numeric values and on-screen trending
  • Easy-to-read EL back-lit LCD display
  • Adjustable alarm limits, as well as visual and auditory alarms
  • Sidestream technology accommodates intubated and non-intubated patients
  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Infrared link to an external printer assures trouble-free download
  • Monitor patients ranging from pediatric to adult


  • Display: LCD, with EL back light
  • Capnograph:
    Measurement: Non-dispersive IR absorption
    Calibration: Manual 2 point
    Measurement: 0 to 10% CO2 STPD (standard temperature and pressure dry)
    Display Range : 0 to 100 mmHg; 0-13 kPa; 0-10% C02
    Accuracy: +/-2mmHg or 4% of reading, whichever is greater
    System Response Time: 2.46s to 90% with 8 ft. patient line Response Time
    N20 Compensation selectable 40% (default = OFF)
    Averaging 4-breath average
    Flow Rate 120+/-20 ml/min
  • Respiration Rate:
    Range: 0 to 150 breaths/min
    Accuracy: +/-1 bpm
    Averaging: 4-breath average
  • SpO2 (model 8400):
    Range: 0 to 100% SP02 (functional)
    Accuracy: +/-2% at 70 to 100% Sp02, less than 70% unspecified
    Averaging: 8 beats
  • Pulse Rate (model 8400):
    Range: 30 to 254 bpm
    Accuracy: +/-2 bpm or 2%, whichever is greater
    Averaging: 8 beats
  • Serial Output:
    Infrared Port compatible with HP82240B Printer or similar device.
    Data Format: Non-standard format – 500 baud
  • Power:
    AC Power: 120V-, 60Hz; 230V-, 50/60Hz
    Battery: Lithium-Ion, 7.4 VDC Replaceable, internal rechargeable. Fully-charged continuous life of approximately 6 hours. Maximum full-capacity charging is 2.5 hours.
  • Dimensions: 5.0″H x 4.38″W x 2.9″D (122mmx111mmx73.7mm)


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