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Galix GBI-3SM Digital Holter Recorder

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GBI-3SM Digital 3-Channel Holter Recorder:

The GBI-3SM Digital Holter Recorder stores, on a memory card, continuous recordings of a patient's electrocardiogram, for a 24/48 or 72-hour period. The recording is not really a form of continuous monitoring in the sense that the signal is not available immediately. The ECG data is stored in a conventional Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card. The recording is a representation of past events which permits a detailed "off-line" analysis of them at a later time. This analysis is performed with the WinTer Holter Analyzer. This unit performs either the 24/48 hour Holter recording at a sampling rate of 256 or 1000 samples per second (V.H.R.ECG) for further Ventricular Late Potential Analysis. The GBI-3SM recorder is one of the most reliable portable units of the market.

The GBI-3SM Holter Recorder is an ultralightweight 3 true channel digital ECG unit using a secure digital (SD) memory card as ECG data storage media over a programmable period of 24-48 or 72 hours. It was designed for reliability in ambulatory ECG applications and has like its predecessors the capability to extend its sampling rate and filtering to provide Very High Resolution ECG for further ventricular late potential analysis. The digitized information is then processed by the WinTer Holter Analyzer Software.

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