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GE Healthcare Corometrics 171 External Fetal Monitor with Transducers


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GE Healthcare Corometrics 171 Twins External Fetal Monitor with Transducers

GE Healthcare Corometrics fetal monitors have been helping clinicians improve the standards of obstetric care for more than three decades. Part of GE's complete family of uniquely powerful fetal monitors, GE Corometrics 170 Series monitors are designed to provide the information you need to make quick, accurate and cost-effective clinical assessments. These compact and lightweight monitors are designed for antepartum applications in the office and hospital.

The GE Corometrics 170 Series Monitors are equipped with Unique 9-Crystal Ultrasound Transducers - a GE exclusive. This capability helps ensure superior signal quality by maintaining a uniform beam pattern throughout its depth of penetration, thus minimizing the need for repositioning. Nautilus 9-crystal ultrasound transducers achieve a wider focal region for more uniform coverage at greater depths than conventional 7-crystal transducers. The 9-crystal design helps ensure minimal repositioning, even with challenging patients of varying sizes, shapes, and gestational ages. A powerful clinical advantage is gained to assist you in challenging cases such as preterm fetus or obese mother.

For use with either single fetus or twins.

Fetal Monitor Brand

Fetal Monitor Configuration


  • Large, easy-to-read display clearly presents information on fetal heart rate and uterine activity.
  • Nautilus best in class flat Toco transducers and dual 9-crystal watertight Ultrasound Transducers.
  • Nautilus watertight flat Toco transducer permits quick, external acquisition of uterine activity. Its flat-surface design means it won’t leave a mark neither hurts your patient.
  • Telemetry Interface supports convenient assessment of the ambulatory obstetrical patient and promotes hydrotherapy when used with Nautilus watertight transducers.
  • Dual, 9-crystal Nautilus watertight ultrasound transducer permits also external monitoring of twins.
  • Independent volume controls facilitate easy transducer placement.
  • Dual Digital Interface provides seamless connectivity to Clinical Information Systems and selected external monitors for non-invasive blood pressure and maternal SpO2.
  • Heart rate off set mode makes it easy to visually distinguish between the heart rates of twins by allowing you to off set the secondary FHR by +20BPM.
  • HeartBeat Coincidence recognition provides visual and audible indications when it detects synchronous fetal or maternal heart-rate signals, indicating that you may be monitoring a duplicate signal.
  • Remote event marker makes it easy to annotate perceived fetal movements (FM) or other events on the strip chart.
  • Fetal heart rate alarm provides both audible and visual alerts if the heart rate is outside of the user-defined high/low range.
  • Connectivity to central alarming and archiving.
  • Easy-to-load Z-fold paper stacks itself neatly upon exiting the recorder, facilitating easy storage.


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