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GE Healthcare MARS 3000/5000/8000 PC Holter Monitoring System

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MARS 3000 Arrhythmia Review Station
The MARS 3000 is perfect for hospitals, clinics and office practices. Designed for lower volume users requiring high-level clinical performance, it incorporates many advanced review features and analysis programs found in all of the MARS Series systems.

MARS 5000 Arrhythmia Review Station
This affordable, high-performance solution is suited to facilities with high-efficiency, moderate volume arrhythmia management demands.

MARS 8000 Arrhythmia Review Station
This advanced system delivers the high-speed, high-capacity performance that busy hospitals, clinics and research institutions demand. For maximum accuracy and efficiency, optional combination software allows the MARS 8000 to perform Holter and full-disclosure functions simultaneously.


MARS 3000 Features:

  • Flexible, User-Friendly Operation
    • Beat classifications can be reviewed through template groups and entire template groups can be re-labeled with one keystroke for efficient editing. Users can custom-tailor operation menus to their data review requirements and clinical data types. On-screen classification annotations displayed above each heartbeat on full-size ECG strips and abnormal beats in full disclosure display can be custom colored to highlight them in context. And, report pages can be previewed on-screen as they will appear prior to printing
  • Preliminary Test Results in Seconds
    • The MARS 3000 accepts data cards from the SEER MC solid-state, digital recorder. The SEER MC analyzes each heartbeat as it occurs. This built-in analysis capability, and rapid transfer to the MARS 3000 hard disk drive via digital data card download, means clinicians can view preliminary test results and ECG data within seconds. In many cases, clinicians can quickly review data associated with significant symptoms before patients leave the office.


MARS 5000 Features:

  • Convenient Software Simplifies Use
    • Readily identifiable toolbar icons facilitate efficient navigation. Powerful applications put the operator firmly in command.
    • User-configurable menus allow the operator to conveniently meet clinical protocols and care unit needs, as well as individual access, review and printing preferences.
  • Network Connection Offers Quick, Easy Access to Information
    • Acquire data from multiple sources for more comprehensive, timely assessment.
    • Use the optional MARS-to-MARS interface to link various hospital departments through an enterprise-wide network, enhancing arrhythmia management capabilities or allowing easy expansion of data-handling capacity.
  • The MARS 5000 Productivity-Enhancing Power
    • Exceptional processing power enables the MARS 5000 to provide the high-resolution color graphics and data needed to present subtle ECG details with diagnostic quality.
    • The MARS 5000 power also supports multitasking efficiency, enabling the operator to download, process, review and print simultaneously.
  • Customized Holter Analysis Enhances Accuracy and Ease of Use
    • Advanced capabilities make the MARS 5000 an extremely practical tool for Holter monitoring at hospitals, clinics and physician offices.
    • Adjustable event definitions enable the operator to easily tailor analysis to individual patient abnormalities, helping enhance clinical decision-making.
    • Powerful editing tools give users the flexibility to dynamically update up to 100,000 beats of information with a single keystroke. Report design tools make it easy to produce highly accurate final reports precisely the way the individual physicians prefer to review them.
    • Plus, an optional interface provides seamless connectivity with the Catalyst MUSE Cardiology Information System for convenient, centralized archival and retrieval, as well as comprehensive cardiology data sharing.


MARS 8000 Features:

  • A Unique Approach to Productivity
    • The MARS 8000 is all about power. Specifically developed with high-resolution graphics in mind, it presents subtle ECG details with diagnostic quality. High processing power also speeds reporting.
    • Networking capabilities assure quick, easy access to the information you need.
    • Powerful software applications provide operators with convenient tools for meeting clinical protocols, care unit needs and individual clinician preferences.
    • And multitasking efficiency enables operators to download, process, review and print simultaneously.
  • Holter: Flexible Acquisition… Quick Turnaround… Tailored Reporting
    • The extensive acquisition capabilities of the combination Holter/Full-Disclosure option enable this MARS 8000 to aquire Holter data from any monitoring sources on GE Medical System’s non-proprietary Unity Network. Monitoring data acquisition means there’s no need to “schedule” a Holter procedure, so clinicians can have accurate reports in their hands, presented precisely how they want to see them, in minutes rather than hours.
  • Full-Disclosure: High-Efficiency Reporting… Enhanced Clinical Decision Making
    • The MARS 8000 CRS acquires up to 512 channels of data, complete with ECG data from our non-proprietary Unity Network and hemodynamic waveform correlation for more confident decision making. Because reports can readily be created to accommodate individual preferences, clinicians can view results in the format that is most meaningful and efficient for them.


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