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Welch Allyn Atlas Vital Signs Monitor

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Welch Allyn Atlas Vital Signs Monitor

Conscious sedation monitoring has finally become more efficient, more convenient and more affordable. The very best monitor at the very best price.

Designed specifically for the increasing growth of outpatient surgery and procedures.
Advanced surgical techniques, new anesthetics, the need to lower healthcare costs-they're all pointing toward more outpatient surgeries and procedures in hospitals, surgicenters and physician offices. Which points to the need for a dedicated, first rate conscious sedation monitor. Introducing the Welch Allyn® Atlas™ monitor, the first vital signs monitor specifically designed to monitor patients during conscious sedation and IV anesthesia procedures.

Now the best is the most affordable.
Welch Allyn has built a worldwide reputation on innovation in medical diagnostics. And the Welch Allyn Atlas monitor may be the best example yet-all-in-one monitoring capability for conscious sedation procedures at a price that may be the biggest breakthrough of all.

Bright, clear "across-the-room" visibility.
We know that you don't stand in one spot. So we made sure that you can see your patient's waveforms and data from virtually anywhere in the room. Large, bright LED readouts and crisp waveform displays give you at-a-glance convenience and more time to concentrate on your patient.

Ease of use that anticipates your needs.
We call it intuitive design, the kind of common-sense approach that lets the monitor virtually explain itself. Users can learn to operate the monitor in just minutes, then use it easily and get essential information from one source, rather than "making do" with an improvised configuration of multiple instruments.

Take it where you need it.
The Atlas monitor goes where your patient goes, effortlessly. Lightweight and portable, it can be set on a cart or countertop, wheeled on its own dedicated mobile stand, mounted on the wall or carried using the integrated side handle.

The essential functions without the costly extras.
Before we built the Atlas monitor, we talked to the physicians, nurse anesthetists, and nurses who will use it. In a very real sense, they helped design it. The result is a lean, practical, hard-working instrument with the flexibility to configure the monitor that best fits your needs.

Designed specifically for conscious sedation and IV anesthesia in a wide variety of healthcare sites.

Hospital Procedure Areas:
Emergency Department
Outpatient Surgery and Recovery
Radiology / Imaging

Freestanding Surgery Centers:
Surgery and Recovery

Office or Clinic-Based Procedures and Surgery:
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
Oral / Maxillofacial Surgeons
Pain Control Clinics
Reproductive / Fertility Specialists
Oncology / Hematology Clinics

Standard parameters include: 

View either 3-lead or 5-lead electrocardiograph waveforms with the ability to change your view of the heart with just a button press. Includes heart rate display with programmable alarms.

Pulse Oximetry
Nellcor Puritan Bennett™ brand of pulse oximetry-Each has a programmable low-alarm limit and pulse tone feature as well as real-time plethysmograph waveform.

Blood Pressure
Uses the noninvasive, oscillometric technique for highly accurate determination of systolic, diastolic and mean arterial pressure (MAP). Special features include an automatic blood pressure mode with 7 measurement interval choices, and programmable alarm limits.

Optional parameters include: 

Continuously monitored using a skin surface temperature probe. Compatible with YSI Series 400 thermistor probes.

Transthoracic impedance technique with real-time waveform andadjustable sweep speed and programmable alarm limits.

End tidal carbon dioxide measurement for clinical assessment of ventilation. Provides both numeric and waveform data using sidestream technology. Special features include respiration rate and programmable alarms.

Vital Sign Monitor Brand

Vital Sign Monitor Condition


  • Completely upgradeable – maximize your investment even if your needs change in the future.
  • Trend memory for up to 144 sets of patient data.
  • Optional dual trace printer for both waveform and trend recording.
  • Optional battery for short-term transport or low power conditions.
  • Optional RS232 interface with Nurse Call capability.


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