Used Medical Device Buyer’s Guide

Introduction To CardiacDirect's Used Medical Device Buyer's Guide

Navigating the world of medical devices can be challenging, and even more so when you or your facility is on a tight budget. Fortunately, there are many options that can help reduce the total cost of equipment purchases. 

In CardiacDirect’s Used Medical Device Buyer’s Guide, we will cover what the different types of used medical devices are, how you can benefit from purchasing a used device, and what questions you should ask your sales representative before your purchase.

The 3 Different Types of Used Medical Devices

Refurbished Devices

A “refurbished” device is a used device that has been repaired and tested by its original manufacturer. The device is then ready to be returned to the retailer, where it will be resold.

Recertified Devices

Devices listed as being “recertified” are used devices that have been repaired and tested by a  third-party company. The device is then ready to be returned to the retailer, where it will be resold.

Demo Devices

A device labeled as “demo” means it is a fully-functioning device that has only been previously used as a demo for training purposes. Demo products are not refurbished or recertified and will still have all their original parts.

Benefits to Purchasing a Used Medical Device

Cost-Effective Solution

Used medical devices are among the most cost-effective solutions for medical facilities on a tight budget. Usually, demo, refurbished, and recertified devices will provide substantial discounts, saving your facility money while opening up your budget for other devices without refurbished options.

Below we have provided you with examples of just how different the prices for used devices can be compared to their new counterparts.

NEW EDAN iM80 Patient Monitor
DEMO EDAN iM80 Patient Monitor
Brand NewLightly used for demonstrations and training purposes.

Includes a Warranty

At, all used devices come with a warranty. The warranty period ranges from 6 months to 5 years. Our in-house service and repair team will help you with your warranty through our CardiacDirect Support Center. For inquiries about the warranty of the device you are interested in purchasing, you can call our dedicated support team at 888-354-2968.

No Quality Loss

In some instances, refurbished or recertified medical devices have the benefit of being updated and repaired with newer, high-quality parts. These updates enhance the quality of the device and help extend its life expectancy. 

All used devices at are also thoroughly tested before being sold to guarantee that the device is in good working condition.

What to Ask Before Purchasing Used Medical Equipment

As with any item you buy, it is important to buy from someone you trust. Especially because during the warranty period, you may need to repair the device. Choosing to buy from a reputable company can make you more confident in the purchase of used medical devices.

What makes Cardiac Direct a reputable medical device retailer?

CardiacDirect has more than 14 years of online medical equipment retail experience. We also offer a USA-based warranty and support team, sales team, and warehouse so our customers will receive the best support possible.

With any used device purchase, you will want to make sure the device comes with its standard accessories and features. 

For example, the EDAN iM80 comes with 

  1. Skin Temperature Probe
  2. EDAN Adult Reusable SpO2 Sensor 
  3. Adult Cuff (25cm-35cm)
  4. NIBP Tube (3m) with connector
  5. 3-lead ECG integrative Cable with Lead wires, Snap (AHA) (Defibrillation)
  6. Power Cord (USA standard)
  7. Adult Disposable Adhesive Electrodes (Nonwovens), Snap(30pcs/pack) 
  8. Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery   (14.8V, 4200mAh)
  9. User Manual
  10. Ground Cable

If you are planning to purchase a used EDAN iM80, you would want to make sure the device comes with these standard accessories.

Before you purchase your used device you will want to ask if the device has been thoroughly tested and is ready for patient use. If the device does not come patient-ready or has not been tested, you may be better off purchasing the used device from a different retailer.

Most reputable medical device retailers will offer a warranty with the purchase of a used device. If a warranty is not offered, you may want to ask how the seller plans to guarantee its used device’s quality.

Purchasing a Used Device

We hope that with CardiacDirect’s Buyer’s Guide for Used Medical Devices, you feel more prepared and confident to purchase the perfect used device for your facility! 

To see CardiacDirect’s selection of demo devices click here!

If you want more information on CardiacDirect’s selection of used devices don’t hesitate to contact our sales team!

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